0:00 EditLesson Intro
0:39 EditHey guys
1:25 EditSame key as original song
1:27 EditF#
1:49 EditStrumming pattern
2:08 EditMuting strings
2:57 EditSo you get
3:20 EditLook at the strumming again
3:42 EditG#m
4:19 EditD#m
5:05 EditRepeat strumming pattern
5:41 EditEnd on B, so...
6:02 EditB is nothing but F# on 7th fret
6:39 EditSo you get
6:46 EditSkipped first note
Chord QuizEdit
7:32 EditChorus
7:53 EditIn the very end
8:12 EditStrum pattern
8:46 EditBack to verse
9:15 EditBridge
9:26 EditIt goes a bit like this
9:52 EditSo basically for the bridge
10:00 EditThen you come to C#
10:23 EditFrom the beginning
10:51 EditBack to chorus
11:23 EditVery end of the song
12:00 EditEnd with F#m
12:12 EditEasy Version
12:42 EditChange key of the song
13:07 EditDifferent Key: G, Am, Em, C, D
14:05 EditReplace F#, G#m, D#m, B, C#
14:29 EditThat makes the song very simple

Chord Quiz

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