SongDurationRatingDifficultyYouTube Channel
300 M.P.H Torrential Outpour Blues6:49 99 (91)CalPlaysGuitar
7 Nation Army6:22 97 (95)JustinGuitar Songs
Ball and Biscuit11:20 97 (94)CalPlaysGuitar
Ball and Biscuit3:04 99 (97)swiftlessons
Blue Orchid5:12 98 (96)CalPlaysGuitar
Bone Broke5:32 98 (87)CalPlaysGuitar
Catch Hell Blues11:35 98 (94)CalPlaysGuitar
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground7:53 100 (98)CalPlaysGuitar
Death Letter3:59 100 (96)CalPlaysGuitar
Expecting3:53 100 (89)CalPlaysGuitar
Fell In Love With A Girl1:57 98 (91)BeginnerCalPlaysGuitar
Hello Operator9:27 97 (91)CalPlaysGuitar
Hotel Yorba2:45 98 (91)CalPlaysGuitar
Hypnotize7:06 99 (93)BeginnerCalPlaysGuitar
I Can't Wait5:51 97 (87)CalPlaysGuitar
I Fought Piranhas13:37 99 (95)CalPlaysGuitar
I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself9:16 100 (90)CalPlaysGuitar
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself11:52 98 (93)Drue James
I'm Slowly Turning Into You6:58 99 (91)CalPlaysGuitar
Icky Thump8:46 99 (92)CalPlaysGuitar
Jolene5:44 99 (94)BeginnerCalPlaysGuitar
Jumble Jumble2:33 100 (89)CalPlaysGuitar
Let's Build A Home3:17 100 (90)CalPlaysGuitar
Little Bird3:19 99 (96)swiftlessons
Offend In Every Way7:18 99 (93)CalPlaysGuitar
Rag and Bone6:10 99 (94)CalPlaysGuitar
Screwdriver7:37 100 (96)CalPlaysGuitar
Seven Nation Army5:54 100 (91)CalPlaysGuitar
Seven Nation Army8:16 99 (97)BeginnerJustinGuitar Songs
Seven Nation Army9:44 100 (84)TheMaxGuitarLessons
Seven Nation ArmyRiff4:18 97 (89)BeginnerGuitar Domination
Sister, Do You Know My Name3:33 98 (87)CalPlaysGuitar
The Hardest Button to Button5:46 96 (90)CalPlaysGuitar
The Same Boy You've Always Known4:21 99 (91)CalPlaysGuitar
We're Going to Be Friends4:32 100 (78)CalPlaysGuitar
We're Going To Be Friends4:53 95 (90)