SongDurationRatingDifficultyYouTube Channel
14 | Major Scale Harmony | Guitar Seekh | for beginners9:46 100 (51)BeginnerMusic With Rahul Sharma
3 Tips - Play Barre Chords Easily for Beginners2:42 100 (34)BeginnerJTTechie
8 | Art of Guitar Strumming (Part 1) | Popular Songs | Guitar Seekh8:01 100 (74)BeginnerMusic With Rahul Sharma
At My Worst - Pink Sweat$5:28 0BeginnerJTTechie
Backstreet Boys Guitar Chords Medley Tutorial6:35 100 (21)BeginnerJTTechie
Best Foot Drums for Guitarists? Salgo Foot Drums Unboxing and First Impressions6:20 100 (21)JTTechie
Bm Barre Chord Alternative - Bm and Bm7 Chord Guitar Hack1:55 0BeginnerJTTechie
Britney Spears Guitar Chords Medley4:52 100 (34)BeginnerJTTechie
Chhukar Mere Mann Ko| Song Lesson | Guitar Seekh |s For Beginners10:04 100 (51)BeginnerMusic With Rahul Sharma
Chord Transitions on Guitar for Beginners7:54 100 (21)BeginnerJTTechie
Easiest Way to Play Bm Chord | B Minor Chord2:01 0JTTechie
Gulaabi Aankhein| Classic Song | Guitar Seekh |s For Beginners14:31 100 (72)BeginnerMusic With Rahul Sharma
How to Play Eb Chord (E Flat Chord)1:11 100 (57)JTTechie
How to Play Fast4:03 100 (61)Garret's Guitar Lessons
Learn Guitar in 13 Minutes for Beginners | Quick and Dirty13:04 92 (60)BeginnerJTTechie
Master the F Chordfor Beginners - FINALLY3:58 100 (21)JTTechie
Multi - Song6:25 100 (34)JTTechie
Pehla Nasha| Bollywood melodies | Guitar Seekh |s For Beginners2:24 100 (68)BeginnerMusic With Rahul Sharma
Rihanna Multi-Song Guitar Tutorial5:19 100 (34)JTTechie
Rock Riffs(Part 3) | Californication | Guitar Seekh |For Beginners4:45 100 (57)Music With Rahul Sharma
Sunset - Davichi| - Crash Landing on You OST8:13 100 (21)BeginnerJTTechie
Suteki Da Ne - Final Fantasy X6:07 0JTTechie
Top 5 - 90's Female Hits Guitar Lesson4:42 100 (21)JTTechie
Turotial chitara - ritm pentru incepatori2:53 0Tudor's Project
עדן חסון - שקיעות אדומות | Eden Hason - Shkiot Adumot3:34 0עדן חסון - Eden Hason
一千個傷心的理由 - 張學友3:58 100 (65)BeginnerJTTechie
其實你心裡有沒有我| Andy Hui 許志安 Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文4:59 0JTTechie
愛是永恒 - 張學友7:20 0JTTechie