0:00 EditLesson Intro
1:53 EditHey Everyone...
2:14 EditSong Intro
3:11 EditRiff Demonstration
3:22 EditRiff Breakdown 1
3:39 EditRiff Breakdown 2
4:11 EditCould try with two fingers
4:23 EditSame thing, but down one string
4:59 EditNext, we have the B chord
6:01 EditBack to the E chord
6:09 EditStrumming Pattern
6:25 EditIt's gonna sound like this
6:48 EditThe way we get that sound
7:16 EditSimple pattern: down, down, up
7:39 EditBasically what I'm doing there
8:11 EditShort, down, up, scratch
8:44 EditSecond half of strumming pattern
9:53 EditLick and Turn Around
10:15 EditStarting from B7
10:29 EditWhat we have there
11:13 EditThen we have our turnaround
12:07 EditPut all that together
12:21 EditThe Roll
12:48 EditSlur technique
13:15 EditThen descend down E
13:48 EditVerse
15:15 EditBuildup Section
15:39 EditThe way we play that
16:14 EditLittle riff
16:55 EditThanks! Subscribe, Share!

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