0:00 EditLesson Intro
1:39 EditHi, how you doing
2:36 EditIntro: E, G, A
2:44 EditRegular open E
2:47 EditThe rock G
2:53 EditThen an A chord
3:04 EditBeats 3, 4 and 1
Chord QuizEdit
3:53 EditThe Riff
4:00 EditOpen, open, 6, 7...
4:42 EditHard to remember to go down...
5:14 EditPrechorus
5:48 EditLow E and chords
6:09 EditJust slow it down
6:42 EditChords: E, D, A, E... F#
7:32 EditThen chords like the intro
7:47 EditFrom the F#
Chord QuizEdit
8:23 EditChorus
8:46 EditEm, C, G, G, Em, C, D, D
8:57 EditPlay through
9:53 EditAdd energy: framing the chord
10:37 EditAdd in riff that I hear
11:27 EditNote the bridge: Em, C, G, D
Chord QuizEdit
12:01 EditAcoustic Strumming Part
12:28 EditEven eigth notes
12:59 EditSometimes on the original
14:18 EditDefinitely worth listening

Chord Quiz

Our chord quizzes are designed to help you memorize chord shapes and read musical notation.

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