0:00 EditLesson Intro
0:13 EditExample
2:32 EditLeft Hand
3:00 EditThumb: E, A, D...
3:46 EditStart with Am
3:54 EditHere's your Am
4:17 EditSo It's
4:31 EditThat's the first part
4:50 EditChange to C chord
4:58 EditFirst pinch
5:24 EditThen thumb on the D string
5:32 EditSo that C pat is
5:44 EditChange to G
6:01 EditPinch thumb..
6:21 EditLet's do that again
6:35 EditThen the next change
7:01 EditThen, bring middle finger down
7:47 EditLet's just do that bar
8:02 EditThe good news is
8:11 EditThis is what you should have so far
8:46 EditThe Second Page
9:16 EditThe different part
9:58 EditThen We're Into the Chorus
10:09 EditBack to Am
10:41 EditQuick change to D chord
11:13 EditI'll do that again
11:19 EditBack to Am
12:03 EditFourth time on the D
12:28 EditEverything we've got so far

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