0:00 EditLesson Intro
0:44 EditFour chord shapes: D, F#m, E, A
Chord QuizEdit
1:07 EditHybrid Picking Into Verse
1:29 EditD chord
1:41 EditF#m chord
1:55 EditBack to D
2:03 EditE Shape
2:11 EditEnd on F#m
2:19 EditAll Together
2:33 EditF#m alternative
3:15 EditAll Together (with alt F#m)
3:32 EditStrumming Intro (Easiest)
3:44 EditIt's gonna sound like this
4:00 EditPrechorus
4:15 EditSounds like this
4:32 EditChorus
4:36 EditFirst line: D, E, F#m x3
4:42 EditSecond Line: D, E, A
4:47 EditStrumming pattern
5:16 EditEach line of chords
5:28 EditIt will sound like this
6:12 EditPlaying Parts Together
8:12 EditThanks, visit guitarzero2hero.com for more

Chord Quiz

Our chord quizzes are designed to help you memorize chord shapes and read musical notation.

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