SongDurationRatingDifficultyYouTube Channel
Alberta5:16 99 (98)Joe's Guitar Lessons
Before You Accuse Me22:57 98 (97)JustinGuitar Songs
Before You Accuse Me10:56 97 (94)Joe's Guitar Lessons
Cocaine26:01 99 (97)GuitarForce.Com
Cocaine37:57 98 (96)Beginnerswiftlessons
Crossroads1st Solo19:24 98 (96)JustinGuitar Songs
Hey Hey22:22 99 (98)BeginnerJustinGuitar Songs
I Will Be There11:50 100 (95)Joe's Guitar Lessons
Lay Down Sally6:25 95 (93)BeginnerJustinGuitar Songs
Layla3 of 39:49 87 (82)JustinGuitar Songs
Layla2 of 36:25 98 (96)JustinGuitar Songs
Layla1 of 39:07 97 (96)JustinGuitar Songs
Lonely Stranger16:57 100 (92)Joe's Guitar Lessons
Lonely StrangerLicks2:06 89 (49)Joe's Guitar Lessons
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out11:48 99 (97)Joe's Guitar Lessons
San Francisco Bay Blues10:05 94 (88)Jerry's Guitar Bar
San Francisco Bay Blues8:19 99 (96)Joe's Guitar Lessons
Somebody Knockin20:07 94 (83)Joe's Guitar Lessons
Sweet Home ChicagoLicks21:05 100 (99)Beginnerswiftlessons
Tears In Heaven1:11 99 (95)The Guitar Club
Tears In Heaven2 of 2 9:40 97 (96)JustinGuitar Songs
Tears In Heaven1 of 2 9:59 97 (96)JustinGuitar Songs
Tears In Heaven17:02 100 (89)Joe's Guitar Lessons
Tears In HeavenPart 119:06 98 (96)Drue James
Tears in Heaven Guitar9:22 93 (90)Desi Serna Guitar
The Core16:19 100 (95)GuitarForce.Com