11:17 EditThe original song is played by Ed Sheeran with a fingerstyle approach to playing the chords which creates an interesting sound and rhythmic feel (but can be challenging for the beginner guitar player) This lesson teaches how to play that style in the second half of the lesson (starts at 11:17). The first half of the lesson focuses on a simpler way to play the song using a guitar pick and is geared more to the beginner guitar player.
0:05 EditIntroduction-
1:00 EditVerse Chords-
3:10 EditA Major Chord Substitute A2-
6:35 EditPre Chorus-
8:28 EditB Minor Chord Cheater Version-
10:19 EditChord Walk-Down-
11:17 EditFinger Style Playing-
14:29 EditHammer On Riff #1-
15:44 EditHammer On Riff #2-

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