SongDurationRatingDifficultyYouTube Channel
Brothers In ArmsSolo15:17 97 (86)Joe's Guitar Lessons
Brothers In ArmsPart 21:15 100 (57)Joe's Guitar Lessons
Brothers In ArmsPart 11:24 71 (43)Joe's Guitar Lessons
Brothers In Arms32:47 99 (98)JustinGuitar Songs
Lady Writer19:40 99 (98)JustinGuitar Songs
Lady WriterChorus & Bridge18:05 99 (97)JustinGuitar Songs
Lady WriterVerse & Chorus20:44 99 (98)JustinGuitar Songs
Lady WriterIntro Solo13:02 99 (98)JustinGuitar Songs
Money For Nothing16:53 84 (72)Drue James
Money for NothingRiff9:40 94 (90)Desi Serna Guitar
So Far Away29:39 100 (68)Joe's Guitar Lessons
So Far Away9:54 98 (94)Joe's Guitar Lessons
Sultans Of Swing4 of 49:38 99 (98)JustinGuitar Songs
Sultans Of Swing3 of 49:58 98 (96)JustinGuitar Songs
Sultans Of Swing2 of 49:34 97 (96)JustinGuitar Songs
Sultans Of Swing1 of 48:41 97 (96)JustinGuitar Songs
Walk Of Life10:17 97 (96)BeginnerJustinGuitar Songs
When It Comes To You4:53 100 (94)Joe's Guitar Lessons
Where Do You Think You're Going9:00 97 (90)Joe's Guitar Lessons