0:00 EditLesson Intro
0:56 EditWhat's Up
1:17 EditLet's get started
1:19 EditTuning
1:41 EditStarts off with open strum
2:08 EditHammer on with slide
2:47 EditSo, open, 3rd, open, 3rd, 5th, open
3:03 EditThen it does this: 3rd, 5th
3:34 EditSo (demonstrating next part)
3:58 EditMain Rythm
4:11 EditThen first finger 3rd fret
4:33 EditSo (sounds like this)
4:51 EditChorus
4:58 EditJust the 3rd fret, sliding to 12th...
5:33 EditThere's one part where...
6:16 EditGoes back into the intro
6:29 EditHope you enjoyed!

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