0:00 EditLesson Intro
0:18 EditExample with lyrics and chords
1:52 EditBeginner friendly intro
2:12 EditMiddle finger on 10th fret of B string
2:40 Edit10, 10, 12 10
2:53 EditNext, my pinky is going to stretch over
3:07 EditAnd repeat
3:39 EditAdding rhythm to intro
3:55 EditBasically what I'm doing here
4:07 EditOur pinky is on the 12th fret..
4:29 EditI pluck the A string
5:00 EditNow the other thing
5:33 EditChorus: Amaj, Dmaj, Emaj
5:48 EditWhat we call a 1-4-5 progression in key of A
6:14 EditA quick demonstration of the chorus
6:48 EditAll we have in that progression: A 8 beats, D 4 beats, A 4 beats
6:59 EditApply a reggae strumming pattern
7:20 EditAs we slap the strings, we're going to switch
7:56 EditFor the beginners out there
8:20 EditSlower tempo
8:54 EditVerse
9:06 EditIt's gonna sound like this
9:38 EditAll we're going to have in terms of the progression
10:09 EditAnother progression: A (4) E (4) D(4) A(4)
10:31 EditApply the reggae rhythm
11:21 EditSo if you have all that down

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