Beat 1


  • Graphical user interface for easy tab creation.
  • Save as private to share with friends, band members, etc.
  • Collaborate by sharing the "Edit Url" to allow others to edit the same tab. Changes are saved under each tab's Edit History.
  • Display strings from high E to low E or vice versa.
  • Dynamic playback generates audio output from your tab and plays it back to you.
  • Set custom speed for playback tempo.

Getting Started

  • Create a new tab by opening
  • Add a chord to the first beat of your tab by clicking on tab and selecting the frets to play for each string.
  • Hold down [Ctrl-C] on your keyboard to copy the chord at the current beat.
  • Use the Left and Right arrows to navigate to other beats in the tab and hold down [Ctrl-V] to paste the previous selection.

Keyboard Shortcuts

[Ctrl + Left Arrow], [Ctrl + Right Arrow] Move the editor focus on interval to the left or right
[Tab]When the chord editor is open, [Tab] will change the focus on the different chord editor fields
[Ctrl + Down Arrow], [Ctrl + Up Arrow]Move the chord editor focus down or right a whole line
[Ctrl + C]Copy the chord at the current beat
[Ctrl + B]Copy the chords in the current bar/measure
[Ctrl + V]Paste the most recently copied chords to the current beat
[Ctrl + S]Save the tab
[Esc]Close the chord editor
[Space-bar]Start/Pause playback