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SongArtistRatingDifficultyLesson Length
You Can't Always Get What You WantThe Rolling Stones 99 (98)Beginner17:09
Hey JudeThe Beatles 99 (98)Beginner11:23
Stand By MeBen E. King 99 (98)Beginner14:22
Honky Tonk WomenThe Rolling Stones 99 (98)Beginner24:20
Johnny B GoodeChuck Berry 98 (97)Beginner18:21
I Want To Hold Your HandThe Beatles 98 (97)Beginner10:43
Blue Suede ShoesElvis Presley 99 (97)Beginner11:14
Can't Help Falling In Love With YouElvis Presley 98 (97)Beginner7:30
Walking the DogThe Rolling Stones 99 (97)Beginner11:28
Rock Around ClockBill Haley And His Comets 98 (96)Beginner13:30
Old Time Rock And RollBob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band 98 (96)Beginner15:03
That'll Be The DayBuddy Holly 97 (96)Beginner8:10
Twist And ShoutThe Beatles 97 (96)Beginner9:55
Peggy SueBuddy Holly 97 (95)Beginner10:03
Always On My MindElvis Presley 97 (95)Beginner17:18
Wild ThingThe Troggs 97 (95)Beginner8:00
Hound DogElvis Presley 96 (94)Beginner4:25
Norwegian WoodThe Beatles 100 (94)Beginner15:09
Twist And ShoutThe Beatles 97 (93)8:52
Jailhouse RockElvis Presley 97 (93)Beginner7:02
Norwegian WoodThe Beatles 97 (87)6:46
Tobacco RoadThe Nashville Teens 95 (86)Beginner5:08
Stand By MeBen E. King 100 (76)Beginner5:15
Stand By MeBen E. King 100 (21)Beginner5:26