TuneLessons.com can help you get more out of your guitar lesson videos. Our site is a dedicated learning platform built to help musicians of all skill levels improve their abilities with the help of your videos. Just being a part of TuneLessons.com means your videos will get more views and your YouTube channel will get more subscribers. Take advantage of our featured lessons to get even more traffic. Oh, and it's all free!

We built TuneLessons.com so that it would be a distraction free learning environment where users can stay focused on your lessons, learn faster and become accomplished musicians.  Every lesson is organized and indexed in our database with flexible search criteria so users can find the perfect lesson and playback enhancements make navigating lessons a breeze. Stay tuned for more features as we grow.

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Featured Lessons

We regularly feature the best lessons on our homepage and through social media. Getting a video featured is easy:

  1. Make sure it's included on our site
  2. Edit the chapters/stops for the video

Once appropriate chapters have been added, we'll make sure to promote the lesson.

Connect With Students

TuneLessons.com's optimized learning environment and interactive features keep users on track to meet their goals and learn more music.  Make sure they can learn from you by including your lessons in our database.


Focus on Learning

YouTube videos are a great way to reach a large audience, but YouTube.com is not a great place for learning.  YouTube.com is filled with distractions that will only hinder a student's learning experience. TuneLessons.com, however, is focused on learning and we've designed our site to be easy to use and free of useless distractions.

Active Learning

Playing guitar isn't something that can be done passively, users must be able to take instruction and apply it. Our video player helps users navigate lessons intelligently so they can spend more time playing and less time trying to find where they left off.


Readily Accessible

At TuneLessons, we're not just making guitar lessons better, we're making them easier to find. As of this writing, lessons are organized and searchable by artist name, song title, music style, music genre, release year with more criteria in the works.

And More...

TuneLessons.com was started in October of 2016 and we still have a lot of features in the works.